Brett Kavanaugh Will No Longer Be Teaching At Harvard Following Student Protests

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Brett Kavanaugh may or may not still be headed towards a seat on the United States Supreme Court despite the very serious sexual assault allegations made against him, but in the meantime it seems as if he’s lost another job. One of the GOP talking points during the hearing into Trump’s pick last week was that the scandal could cost him a gig at Harvard Law School — where he has taught since 2008 — and it would appear that has been the case.

It’s not immediately clear if Judge Miller Time was actually forced to resign, however an email sent out to students by the school’s dean for academic and faculty affairs on Monday night stated that Kavanaugh “can no longer commit to teaching his course in January Term 2019, so the course will not be offered.” Previously, Kavanaugh had been scheduled to teach a three-week course on “The Supreme Court Since 2005,” according to the Boston Globe.

The timing is certainly suspect, given that the school has faced scrutiny by both students and alumni over Kavanaugh being permitted to continue to teach, and likewise his professor profile has since been completely scrubbed from the Law School’s public faculty directory. A direct link to his faculty page now redirects to the general faculty directory.

In what will surely come as a huge surprise, the decision did not elicit much sympathy for Kavanaugh on Twitter.

If Kavanaugh manages to get confirmed anyway, which is unfortunately still a likely possibility, his rise to power will mimic that of the guy who hired him. Before being elected President of the United States amid his own sexual assault allegations, Trump was unceremoniously fired by NBC for calling Mexicans “criminals and rapists.”