This Guy Agreed To Pay Uber $117 For A Short New Year’s Eve Ride, And Now He Wants To Complain About It

01.01.15 4 years ago 17 Comments
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A bro from the University of Pittsburgh didn’t have such a good time during the first hours of 2015. After the evening’s celebrations, he hired an Uber for the 10-minute drive across West Chester, Pennsylvania. Nearly four and a half miles later, he owed the car service $117.51.

Needless to say, broski was pissed.

Despite Uber’s stellar track record these past few months, it’s difficult to sympathize with this bro for two reasons.

  1. Uber flooded the press with PR about the fare hikes.
  2. He agreed to the 8.4x regular fare increase beforehand.

No need for Uber to explain it, buddy. It’s simple math and timing. Besides, the company emailed regular customers the day before with advanced warning.

On New Year’s Eve, everyone is looking for rides at exactly the same times. We expect the highest demand and highest fares between 12:30 and 2:30 AM. For the most affordable rides, request right when the ball drops at midnight or wait a couple hours for prices to return to normal.

Tough deal, brosky. Sorry you had to pay so much, but I suspect Uber wasn’t your only option last night.

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