Brothers Both Win The Lottery In The Same Week, But With Very Different Results

Two brothers from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania both got lucky this week and won the lottery. As nice as that sounds, only one is now a millionaire who never has to work another day in his life. James and Bob Stocklas both bought lottery tickets on the way back from a relaxing fishing trip in Florida, and both tickets were winners. The only difference is that James’ ticket netted him a cool $291 million while Bob’s made him only $7 – enough to buy another Powerball ticket and maybe have enough left for a large coffee.

According to CNN, James’ reaction when he realized he was a millionaire was the same as most peoples would be.

After Wednesday’s drawing, the judge had returned to work, and was sitting at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day. He happened to check the numbers on his phone and realized he’d won. To celebrate, he bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant, and called his family to say, “We are going back to Florida!”

After gifting everyone in the restaurant with french toast and endless coffee refills, he then chartered a plane to take he and his friends back to fish some more. Maybe this time on the way back Bob will be the one to purchase a lottery ticket worth several hundred million dollars. In the meantime, James would be smart to read up on all the ways that winning the lottery can go wrong and be careful about spending money on too many crazy extravagancies.

(via CNN)