Meet The Lovely Lady Who Recorded Herself Brushing Her Teeth With Poop To Win An iPhone

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03.14.13 7 Comments

I think we’ve found the ring girl for the Tampon Sucker/Poop Eater wedding, you guys. Her name is Brittany and, see, Brittany really wanted an iPhone. Not just any iPhone, though. After all, she already owned one. No, she wanted an iPhone from Hunter Moore — the founder of revenge porn website Is Anyone Up? —  a guy viewed as a God in certain sometimes underage, always underdressed parts of the Internet, and one of his most dedicated followers is Brittany. Thought Catalog recently caught up with the poop-brusher for the opportunity to ask…

Hi Brittany. Why did you brush your teeth with your own sh*t?

Her answer?

It was to win an iPhone from Hunter Moore. He said that he would give it away to the person that did the sickest thing and although I already have an iPhone, it was the need to get his attention.


All day you see these girls sending him photos of their breasts or doing crazy things and every girl wants to be the one that one-ups the others. So I thought back to the girl that allegedly licked her own tampon and wondered how I could one-up that. I was like, “I could do something disgusting. I really, really could.” I knew he would be really flattered that somebody would do something so disgusting just to get his attention.

This, too.

Would you put Hunter’s sh*t in your mouth?

To be completely honest with you, without hesitation.

The video’s been taken off the Internet as far as I can tell, but here’s the NMA dramatization:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering:

Did you win the iPhone in the end?

Yes, I did.


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