The Bubble Wrap Apocalypse Is Upon Us With A New Unpoppable Design

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Dreadful news always hits before a holiday weekend and this story seems downright unpatriotic. Bubble Wrap as we know it will no longer exist, except in scarce quantities that shall surely hit eBay within five minutes. Sealed Air, which manufactures this underrated source of joy, has replaced Bubble Wrap with an “improved” version that does not pop.

The new invention is called iBubble, which will be much more cost-effective to vendors. The product arrives at warehouses in a flat state where air will be inserted into long chambers of plastic. The charming bubble shape will no longer be present, which means there’s no longer a reason to ship anything to anyone, ever.

Perhaps the doom-and-gloom vibe is unnecessary. IBubble may not immediately replace Bubble Wrap, but the wheels are set in motion for a complete takeover. The new stuff will take up less space, cost less to ship, and perhaps save the environment due to reduced carbon emissions. Do you chose Bubble Wrap or Mother Nature? It’s a tough call to make.

All is not lost, though: Some resourceful YouTubers recorded Bubble Wrap noises in classic and 3-D surround sound versions for posterity.

(Via Wall Street Journal & the Verge)