Build The World To Your Liking; Origin Is Giving ‘Sim City 2000: Special Edition’ Away For Free

Back in the day, we used to build massive cities with an eye on capturing the spirit of utopia’s promise. Services were plentiful and buildings stood the test of time. Now, to borrow a phrase from Interstellar, “we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” And by “dirt,” I mean Farmville.

Sim City 2000 was the instrument of our amateur urban planning in the mid-’90s, but while the franchise has fallen into disrepair thanks to the botched release of Sim City 2013, people haven’t forgotten about the glory days, and an era when time-killing PC games weren’t centered around the reshuffling of rutabagas and the herding of sheep. They haven’t forgotten that we were once Gods who raised mountains from the flat earth powered only by whim (and the Sim City 2000 game engine), and they shall experience it again now that Origin (Electronic Arts’ digital gaming service) is offering up an enhanced version of Sim City 2000: Special Edition for free download as a part of their “On the House” program. A savings of only $5.99, but a gift of immense magnitude.

To get at your copy of Sim City 2000: Special Edition, you need to go to the download page on Origin, but be advised that there is no stated end to the promotion, so it could literally stop now. Or now. Or… now. Go!

Via Escapist