The Sad Keanu Doll Is The Perfect Gift For Your Lonely Friends This Valentine’s Day

The Sad Keanu meme found it’s roots back in 2010 and has since grown in something of a legend connected to the man himself. When folks are asking him about it on newscasts and during a Reddit AMA, you know it has taken a life of his own. Now you can own your very own version of the meme in collectible plastic form!

The little Sad Keanu Reeves figure is on sale over at Shapeways for the cool cost of $45 for a little version and $25 for a teeny tiny piece of sadness. From The AV Club:

Like the casting of Keanu Reeves himself, the possible uses of Sad Keanu are endless, even if he always hits the same basic notes. Place Sad Keanu amid your Transformers, as a reminder to Optimus Prime et al. that they may change their shape, but they can never escape who they are inside. Move him into the master bedroom of Barbie’s Dream House, where Keanu’s unshakable dolor will force her to question whether amassing material goods is really a “dream.” Replace your played-out Elf On The Shelf with a Sad Keanu that will also keep an eye on your kids, then report back to Santa that their behavior, good or bad, really doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

This alone is reason enough to call the 3D printer the technology of our age. Guns? McDonalds? Screw all of that. Give me pointless memes. See the figure in action below thanks to Japanese toy builder idk. Just look at this fun you can have!

(Images via AV Club / IDK )