Watch This Harrowing Escape From Hell On Earth In The California Fires

Nature’s fury has not been kind to California and has wrought an unprecedented level of drought upon an already dry state. A summer of wildfires coupled up with strict water rationing, so these fires have burned out of control even more than usual. This video takes place near Sacramento where fires span nearly a 100-mile diameter, which is the wrong place to be right now. The Valley Fire has claimed 400 homes already, not to mention many thousand acres worth of forest, which has displaced animals and endangered all manner of life.

This area is hell on Earth. Even in the day time, the sky burns a bright red. By night, the fires take on a terrifyingly spooky life of their own. YouTube user mulletFive uploaded this video, which was taken during the frantic minutes when he fled from his neighborhood. This driver is more than lucky to be alive, as he waited until the last possible moment and never realized the severity of the blaze. His car careens through streets filled with flames and flying ash. One downed tree in front of this car, and the video would have never existed on the Internet.

At this point, the Valley Fire is only about five percent contained, and there were (according to the YouTube description) absolutely “no sirens or air support because there was zero firefighting effort in Anderson Springs.” Why? There simply aren’t enough firefighters available to stop the Valley Fire.