Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies In Real Life

05.11.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Killing Nazis was getting a little stale.

Of course, I’m talking about murdering their virtual facsimiles in numerous video games. I know I’ve ended the lives of tens of thousands of fictitious fascists over a lengthy gaming career. And that’s not to say I wouldn’t be great at doing it in real-life, too. I’ve been to a firing range. If a Nazi was standing perfectly still and completely unaware of my presence a few feet away I could shoot him in the head…probably.

So in 2008 when developer Treyarch delivered “Nazi Zombies” – a co-operative game squirreled away in its WWII-inspired “Call of Duty: World at War” – things got interesting again. Pitting four players against hordes of undead Third Reich soldiers, the new mode was a hit that went on to spawn countless episodes. The latest of which, “Call of the Dead,” stars none other than George Romero himself.

But how would a real-life game of “Nazi Zombies” play out? Luckily, a small group of brave souls put together a video to find out.

After watching the admittedly well-made short (those glowing yellow undead eyes!), I can’t help but ask: have these guys actually played “Nazi Zombies” before?

Two players armed with just a handgun and a M14 rifle holding down a single room and making it to Round 12 is extremely unlikely – unless they’re constantly earning “Insta-Kill” and “Nuke” drops, both of which are rare. The “Max Ammo” power-up certainly helps, but by that point those weapons would be useless against the ever-growing zombie swarm. I guess the budget just didn’t cover a Mystery Box and Jugger-Nog vending machine.

Nerdy criticism aside – bravo, guys. You can check out their other work here.

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