So, You Can Race On The Moon In ‘Gran Turismo 6’

Are we already up to the sixth major Gran Turismo game? I sorta lost track of the series two or three iterations ago. I’m not much of a gearhead, so once the series nailed photorealism a few entries back there wasn’t much it could do to excite me anymore. One photorealistic sports car looks the same as the next photorealistic sports car to me.

Ah, but wait! Gran Turismo 6 will have one pretty surprising thing setting it apart — the game will, apparently, let you drive a moon buggy! On the moon no less!

Here’s the latest Gran Turismo 6 car porn trailer. The teaser for the moon stuff comes at the very end…

Oh by the way, here’s the full list of every vehicle available in Gran Turismo 6, all 1,196 of them. Hmmm, I don’t see a 1998 Honda Accord on that list! Come on Sony, I can assure you the ’98 Accord is a pretty sweet ride.

via Destructoid