Canadian Parliament Debates Zombie Apocalypse, Mocks Quebec

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02.14.13 8 Comments

In the video below, a member of the Canadian Parliament Funkadelic asks what Canada is doing to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. “I don’t need to tell you, Mr. Speaker, that zombies don’t don’t recognize borders and that a zombie invasion in the United States can easily turn into a continent-wide pandemic if it is not contained,” Pat Martin says, to a crowd of other MP’s at the House of Commons whose confusion turns to laughter and applause.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird responded, “Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies. I want to assure this member and all Canadians that I am dead-icated to ensuring that this never happens.” Later, Baird raised a point of order about placing a carbon tax on zombie survival kits.

Yes, this is a thing that happened in Canada’s House of Commons. It’s part of the official record. Someone had to transcribe that.

The video is funny enough on it’s own, but there’s also a great backstory to it. This was a roundabout (roundaboot?) way to mock Quebec. As National Post reports, “The exchange comes after Quebec’s public security department said it will be using a hypothetical zombie attack against the province as a preparation exercise during a symposium on civil security next week.”

Pontificating about zombies in the House of Commons and bashing Quebec? Oh, Canada.

In fairness to Quebec’s public security department, they’re a hard-working and competent bunch. Surely we have a GIF to demonstrate this.

And then everyone apologized. The end.

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