Canada’s Boston Pizza Has Brought Us The Pizza Taco And Maybe A Pizza Cake

Leave it to a Canadian pizza chain to laugh in the face of the so-called debate between New York and Chicago pizza purists, and turn the classic food upside down with some radical new ideas. Boston Pizza has created a new marketing campaign entitled, “Pizza Game Changers,” and this includes a new website format that not only allows you to order some awesome new pizza items, but also vote on some ridiculous ideas that may or may not come true.

Among the real items are a Sriracha chicken pizza, pizza sliders (think hamburger sliders but with pizza toppings), and a chipotle chicken taco that uses a small pizza as the actual shell. Believe me, I’m on the verge of flying to Canada right now just to try the entire menu at Boston Pizza, even if the Taco Bell Breakfast menu almost killed me. As for the ideas you can vote on, well, they seem a little too ridiculous to be true, even though pizza mints might be the greatest idea ever. But that pizza cake above?

If that happens, it’s going to change the pizza game forever, eh?

(H/T to Eater, via Drew)