The Capitol Insurrectionist Who Posed For Pics On Nancy Pelosi’s Desk Is Now Whining About Stewing In Jail: ‘It’s Not Fair!’

Well, if it isn’t the consequences of our own actions.

MAGA rioter Richard Barnett is learning a hard lesson in taking responsibility for one’s bad behavior and he’s just not coping with his punishment well. Barnett, who stormed the Capitol with his fellow insurrectionists on Jan. 6th and infamously posted photos of himself sitting with his feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, is currently being held on charges related to the riot. Though a federal judge granted Barnett’s release on “strict conditions,” Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell overruled that decision meaning Barnett has been stuck behind bars while awaiting trial.

According to Newsweek, Barnett showed up to his virtual hearing on Thursday and threw a temper tantrum after the judge set his next court appearance for early May.

“I’ve been here a long time,” Barnett yelled. “Another month … It’s not fair … You’re letting everyone else out. I need help.”

Barnett has pled not guilty to all charges pending against him, despite sharing images and videos of himself on social media. In one, he has his feet propped on Speaker Pelosi’s desk, her ransacked office in the background, as he sports a stun gun on his hip. In another, Barnett can be seen displaying a piece of mail he stole from Pelosi’s office for media outlets covering the riots. When asked about the envelope, Barnett replies that he “left a quarter” in exchange for it and left Pelosi a note that read, “Nancy, Bigo was here you b*tch.”

Though Barnett seemingly lost it at the prospect of more jail time, his lawyers were able to calm him down after the judge granted him a “time out” during the hearing to explain that the next scheduled court date did not reflect his upcoming bond hearing. Barnett’s lawyers said they plan to address the issue of his bond earlier than the hearing in May.

(Via Newsweek)