Here’s How ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended has returned with another animated alternate ending to a blockbuster summer movie. And boy, could Captain America: The Winter Soldier have ended quickly with one phone call to Bruce Banner or one use of a gadget Black Widow had all along.

As always, the video above is filled with spoilers. Check it out if you want to see The Winter Soldier doing a Zoidberg impression, Hulk on a minibike, a whole lot of Hail Hydra, and a well-timed background cameo from a Guardians Of The Galaxy character (spoiler) during a discussion about Marvel bringing characters back from the dead. It’s a fair point — from DC Comics characters, of all people — about Marvel abusing audience trust by making it appear a character has died and then inevitably bringing them back. On the other hand…

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Via How It Should Have Ended