Cara Delevingne Bought Kendall Jenner A Rather NSFW Birthday Cake

cara kendall
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A charity bake sale in Glasgow was ruined (or made better, depending on who you ask) by the ol’ dildo in a cake prank. The Evening Times reports that last Friday at the Glasgow City Council’s offices, where a bake sale “was being held for employees to buy cakes and help raise money for [a Romanian orphanage],” officials discovered “a sex toy through a chocolate cake.” Classic.

Meanwhile, in America, Cara Delevingne gave Kendall Jenner a very dirty birthday cake. These are haylcon days for the erotic desserts industry.

The almost-Kardashian, who turned 20 yesterday, threw a star-studded party on Monday, with special guests Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, Kanye, Kim, and all the other K-named people. Delevingne wasn’t there — maybe she heard “ungrateful” Robb Stark might show up? You do not want to go to a party with Robb Stark — but she sent Kendall an, um, interesting present.

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🎂A CaKe for my CaKe🎂

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Those are nipple and vagina lollipops, a chocolate stick in the shape of a pink penis, and as for the cake itself, Kendall and Cara are going full Dr. Face Hands. Every day of Kendall Jenner’s life is like one big bachelorette party.

It seems fun.

(Via the Evening Times)