Cards Against Humanity Can Now Be Played Online

Cards Against Humanity, the card game literally everyone I know has played except for me because I never get invited anywhere, was first released through a Kickstarter in 2011. It was also made available to everyone for free via a Creative Commons license, so long as you were willing to download the cards and print them out yourself. It’s because of this license that designer Dawson Whitfield was able to create a web-based version of the game (so long as he doesn’t charge for it) called Cards Against Originality.

The website generates a unique link that you use to invite other players to the game. You can all play so long as you have your own laptop or smartphone or tablet — but you still have to be in the same room together. Which means I’m never gonna play this stupid game.

“We obviously think that the game is best played in real life with cards,” Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin told WIRED. “If we thought it was fun to play on an app, we would have made an app ourselves. That being said, it’s extremely cool to see projects like this come out of our Creative Commons license. It’s why we’ve always shared the game in a free and open way.”

Cards Against Originality features all the same cards as the original game pack and its five expansion sets, there’s nothing new to it. The game plays just like the original card game.

The game was already too popular for its servers, so Whitfield is upgrading. It should be back online this weekend for anyone to play, as long as they have wifi.

via Gizmodo