This New Brush Will Finally Let You Lick Your Cat


Who among us hasn’t had the sudden and uncontrollable urge to pick up a cat, hold it close, and then lick the precious little thing like your entire life depended on it while it claws and struggles to get away? For centuries, we’ve had to stuff those feelings deep inside, but no longer: A new cat brush will finally allow you, a human, to lick your cat just like its mother would!

Just look at all the fun you could have licking your cat:

We know it looks a little obscene (and the name, Licki Brush, doesn’t make it any better), but there’s some real good reasoning behind putting what looks like a marital aid from 1292 in your mouth and going after your cat. The bristles are made to feel like a cat’s tongue, so feline familiars will forget they’re being touched by head-bobbing humans who are bound to give themselves whiplash and focus on the fact that it feels like they’re being tongue-bathed by another cat.

The brush isn’t available to purchase yet, but a Kickstarter is coming, and you can bet it’ll get funded faster than a cat can claw the sh*t out of you for trying to scratch it in an arbitrarily marked no-go zone on its furry little body.