Cat Says ‘No More’ During Her Bath, So Expect A Feline Uprising Any Day Now

A video was posted yesterday of a cat in the middle of a bath at a groomer’s who began vocally protesting her treatment. Her pitiful howls sound like she’s saying “no more,” not an unheard of response from a wet cat. The person videotaping seems to find this whole situation adorable and hilarious, but look closer.

Do you see that face? That is the face of vengeance. It was really only a matter of time. Humanity has convinced themselves that our cats are loving pets, but really we’re just food-providing meat puppets. We may think that we’re in charge, but we are only pawns in their power play. Sure, they purr when you pet them, occasionally curl up at your feet, and throw a few scraps of love your way, but I am firmly #TeamDog on this one. If cats gain the power of speech and therefore a more sophisticated means of communication, there is nothing that can stop them. Have we learned nothing from Zoo this summer?! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

Or, like, the cat is just pissed off and mimicking the sound of her tormenter’s voice. Which, once I remove my tin foil hat, is probably the more likely option.