There’s A Cat-Shaving Bandit On The Loose In British Columbia

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07.14.15 2 Comments

A British Columbia neighborhood is being terrorized by an unknown assailant, or assailants, who have reportedly been shaving domestic house cats as they wander outside. While this seems like a mostly funny and harmless prank on the surface, a few of the cats have been nicked with whatever instrument — most likely a razor — the perpetrator has been using to shear the animals.

CTV News spoke to pet owner Jo Jo Yarjau who is worried about her cat, and concerned that whoever is doing this might continue to escalate the incidents.

“The first time it was the base of her tail as well, and under her belly,” Yarjau said. “It looks like a razor did it because it looks like her nipples were cut, and that’s a pretty defining factor of what’s going on.”

She said it seems whenever Tabby goes outside in the Kit Crescent area of Campbell River, she comes back with a different part of her body shaved. It’s happened five times already, and other cats in the neighbourhood have also been shaved, Yarjau said.

As to why they don’t just keep their cat locked up in the house, Yarjau says that her cat has been an indoor-outdoor cat for 12 years now, and if they were to keep it in the house, it would probably start peeing everywhere. Actually, I added that last part in because the only way cats ever know how to cope with anything is to pee everywhere.

Hopefully it won’t resort to that, or maybe the perpetrator will start doing something positive like giving the cats lion cuts, because who doesn’t love a cat with a lion cut?

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