Catwoman Looks Okay In New 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot

Normally we wouldn’t post about a single, 30 second TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises, but this is a special case. This video features more of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman than any other clip so far. Check out the video below to watch her revving up the Batpod while Christian Bale does the Batman voice so gravelly that it sounds like he’s doing a parody of his own performance.

I haven’t been so enthusiastic about sharing a Dark Knight Rises video since we found the “Yakety Sax” Dark Knight Rises ad submitted to Chrysler’s footage editing contest. Granted, that was fewer than two weeks ago, but that’s like three years in internet time. Which reminds me, the movie doesn’t open until July 20th, which is like eleventy billion years from now.

[Sources: ENI and pantyfire]