‘SNL’ Star Cecily Strong Mocked ‘Permit Patty,’ The Woman Who Called The Cops On A Girl Selling Water

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For those out of the loop, on Saturday afternoon in San Francisco, a white woman called the police on a black eight-year-old girl who was selling water out on the sidewalk in front of her building. Why? Because the little girl did not have a permit to sell her wares. The eight-year-old girl’s cousin filmed the incident and posted it online, where it subsequently went viral. By the end of the day, the woman — later identified as Alison Ettel after speaking with Huffington Post about the incident — became known as “Permit Patty.” Then Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong found out about it.

In a bizarre twist, it was revealed Ettel makes a living selling edible marijuana for both humans and their pets, which she may or may not have a permit for so. With SNL on hiatus, Strong and fellow comedian Rashida “Sheedz” Olayiwolahas took to Instagram to mock Ettel. In the video, Strong parodies her by calling the police on a vase of flowers for “illegally drinking her water,” a black dog for “illegally drinking her dog water,” and, well, a toilet.

Meanwhile, a number of dispensaries that sold products to Ettel have cut ties with her. She was also removed as one of the subjects of the upcoming documentary, Lady Buds.

(Via Huffington Post)