Great Moments In Social Media Marketing: Celeb Boutique Tweet Invokes Aurora And Kim Kardashian FTW

Move over Rep. Louie Gohment and the NRA — we have a new frontrunner in the race to see who can make the biggest ass of themselves in the wake of the Theater 9 tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

I have to say, someone is going to have to come pretty strong to beat this

You have to give them a little extra credit for sprinkling some Kardashian in there. Works well as horrible icing atop a sh*t cake, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: So Celeb Boutique has issued addressed the offending tweet in a series of apology tweets, naturally…

We are incredibly sorry for our tweet about Aurora – Our PR is NOT US based and had not checked the reason for the trend, at that time social media was totally UNAWARE of the situation and simply thought it was another trending topic – we have removed the very insensitive tweet and will of course take more care in future to look into what we say in our tweets. Again we do apologise for any offense caused this was not intentional & will not occur again. Our most sincere apologies for both the tweet and situation.

Ah, the perils of outsourcing your social media to foreign countries!

Also, you’d think that anyone, foreign or domestic, who charges others for their social media marketing expertise would think to click on a trending topic to see what it’s all about prior to attempting to exploit it with a winky-smiley-faced tweet to a shopping website. But maybe that’s just me.