Celebrate National ‘Ghostbusters’ Day With This LEGO Animated Short

Good news for those of you who love Ghostbusters but weren’t old enough to see it in theaters please standby while I cry a little bit about my misspent youth okay we’re back to the news — As I previously mentioned, starting Labor Day weekend, (that’s next weekend, for you Canadians), August 29th, Sony is re-releasing a remastered 30th Anniversary edition of Ghostbusters to theaters for a week. So far the only theater chain I’m sure is carrying the print is Cinemark, and you can check their Classic Series page to find if it’s playing near you. It’s going to be in 700 theaters, though, so if you’re really interested, make sure and check your local theater’s website. It’ll probably be under “Special Events.”

Because of the theatrical re-release, August 28th has been named “National Ghostbusters Day.” So make yourselves some Ecto Cooler (or some Adult Ecto Cooler, spoiler alert, the secret ingredient is vodka) and check out this LEGO version of the Slimer scene by stopmotion animator Marc-Andre Caron.

There’s a fun little twist here. I appreciate how the creator worked around not having certain minifigs.