A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Are Having More Fun Than You At The Super Bowl

The fact is, celebrities get to go to do fun things like attend the Super Bowl and then put the proof on social media, so that we are all very jealous. The Foo Fighter’s Twitter account posted a pic of Dave Grohl, who found MetLife Stadium. Also, #SuperGrohl.



Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews and his wife in the Toyota Suite (by now you’ve seen his commercial)

Will Arnett, unafraid to spend his time at the Super Bowl promoting the upcoming Lego Movie on Twitter:


And Joel McHale taking a picture of Will Arnett taking that picture on his Twitter, effectively breaking the fourth wall of the Super Bowl and ruining it for me forever.



Hugh Jackman resisting the urge to break into song:


Jamie Foxx hanging out with former Bronco Shannon Sharpe, who posted the somewhat unfortunate picture to his Twitter: