A Museum In Ohio Hilariously Repurposes Discarded Celebrity Wax Statues As Bible Figures

wax elizabeth taylor
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Do you ever wonder what happens to celebrity wax figures gone wrong? Three hundred of them have ended up at the BibleWalk museum in Ohio, as they have been repurposed to appear in various scenes from the Bible.

According to Roadside America, these figures include likenesses of Elizabeth Taylor standing beside John Travolta as King Solomon, Burt Lancaster as Jonah, Tom Cruise as Jesus and George Harrison as God (but would he be a Christian God’s favorite Beatle?). The museum gets 40,000 visitors a year, as much for the religious worship as for the perfect encapsulation of America’s myriad contradictions (the decadence of celebrity combined with Bible-thumping religious worship) into one kitschy road trip stop. The British newspaper The Telegraph focused on the Royal Family’s roles, with Prince Philip as an angel, while Prince Charles plays Abel.

The museum’s curators try and make the figures unrecognizable in their former lives as celebrity doppelgangers, as employee Moriah Daugherty told The Telegraph: “For the most part people are here to hear the Bible stories, so we do have people recognise them sometimes, but people really do just recognise the word of God and are so in tune to the story that’s going on as they’re walking through the museum that it’s really not too much of a distraction.”

Sounds like there’s something for everyone at BibleWalk. Anybody up for a Road Trip through Ohio?

(h/t Christian Nightmares)