Allow These Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles To Pedal Into Your Heart

Using Photoshop to surgically remove bikes from beneath cycling celebrities is an entertaining concept that has been floating around the Internet for a few years (its roots lie in this Holy Taco post from 2009), but the meme has really ramped up this week thanks to the creation of the r/InvisibleBicycles subreddit.

To celebrate the rebirth of this hilarious meme, here’s a collection of the very best images of celebrities riding invisible bicycles to hit the Internet so far.

Arnold Schwarzenneger

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt On His Other Invisible Bicycle

Robert Downey, Jr.

Morgan Freeman

Elle Macpherson

Albert Einstein

Andy Dick

Arnold Schwarzenneger & London Mayor Boris Johnson

Hugh Jackman

George W. Bush

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jared Leto

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Matt Damon

Miley Cyrus, Pre-Invisible Foam Finger

Vince Vaughn