The Characters From ‘Mortal Kombat’ Have A Garage Band That Sings About Subway Sandwiches

That stick-in-the-mud Liu Kang apparently wasn’t invited.

Well folks, 2014 is upon us, so why don’t we start this year with a bang with a video of a bunch of hipsters dressed as Mortal Kombat characters doing a jangly garage band cover of Subway’s five-dollar footlong jingle? For 12-minutes. Ahhh, I have a feeling this year is gonna be something special.

Check out the aural brutality below…

Why was Jax’s back so sweaty? Why was Mileena reading bad cookbooks? Why are the girls always so much better looking than the guys in these sort of nerdy Internet sketches? I’ll be deciphering this video’s mysteries for quite some time I think.

via GoNintendo