Charles Carreon, AKA The Guy Suing The Oatmeal, Now Going After Twitter Parodists Too

Every single day, the lawsuit Charles Carreon filed against the Oatmeal gets weirder and sadder. How has it gotten weirder and sadder today? Carreon is filing subpoenas with Ars Technica and Twitter to chase down somebody who’s been running a Twitter account mocking him:

Carreon has a trademark on his own name, when used for legal services, so when he sued Matthew Inman, donation collection site Indiegogo, the National Wildlife Federation, and the American Cancer Society later that day, he also targeted “Doe 1″—the person behind the fake Twitter account—for trademark infringement. (Carreon’s suit was in his own name, not on behalf of his client FunnyJunk.)

As to who the person was, Carreon had some ideas: it was someone “incited by Inman, or in the alternative and on information and belief, Inman himself.”

Yes, he is insisting that he is the victim here and the Oatmeal is out to get him. After he deliberately picked a fight with the guy. I’m recycling the troll face here just because I’m pretty sure Carreon will start suing over people using photos of him at some point.

Carreon insists that it’s all the mean people on the Internet making fun of him that are ruining his business, not his increasingly bizarre legal actions that have turned him into both an Internet meme and a laughing stock. Sure, Chuck. Keep telling yourself that.