Charlie Hunnam Made The Case For Why The iPod Was A Perfect Invention, Unlike Smartphones

The rascally Charlie Hunnam traveled far away from the Sons of Anarchy universe with Apple TV+’s Shantaram. It’s a story that adapts Gregory David Roberts’ long and winding book that follows an Australian fugitive who lands in Bombay’s slums, where he connects with humanity in ways both dark and light. The show can be stressful at times, but this is ultimately a story that’s life-affirming, which is also how Hunnam seems to feel about certain Apple products.

Hunnam previously admitted that Apple could handle him poking some fun at the tech giant, and when he sat down with the New York Times, the truth came out. In short, Hunnam strongly connects with the iPod, but he doesn’t appear to feel the same way about the iPhone (or any smart phone). Here’s how that went with the NYT:

“The iPod was a brilliant, brilliant invention. It allowed us to have enormous libraries of music in our pocket, unfettered by any other distraction. I listen to music all the time when I’m acting, but I never, ever, ever will take my phone to set. So this integration of everything onto the smartphone, I think, was a mistake. The iPod was a beautiful moment in time — having access to music without the entire world having access to you.”

The interview’s full of other revelations, including Hunnam’s assertion that “maybe I was born a cat in a human body” for various reasons, including how his cat, George, was one of the most valuable relationships in his entire life. As a dog person, I’ll take Charlie’s word for that one, but on subjects where I feel more confident, let’s just say that you should take the bike ride that is Shantaram on Apple TV+.

(Via New York Times)