Charlize Theron Is A Bad, Bad Girl

Total Film spoke with Charlize Theron about her role in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus (trailer here, synopsis and pictures here). Theron gave some insights into the nature of her character, Meredith Vickers:

When we asked if her role in the Alien sorta-prequel would be comparable to Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley, she replied, “No, I actually don’t play the heroine in it; that’s Noomi Rapace. I play somewhat of a villain in it.” When we pressed her on the type of villain she’d be playing, she told us, “She’s not believer, she’s not a scientist, she is the red tape that everyone has to go through. She’s working with the company that’s sponsoring this whole thing and you can feel she definitely has an agenda, which we pick up in the third act. She’s more quiet thunder.” [Total Film via Blastr]

So, she’s the Carter J. Burke (Paul Reiser) in this? Look, this is an emotional moment for all of us, okay? I know that. But, let’s not make snap judgments, please. She works for the company. But don’t let that fool you, she’s really an okay gal.