The Man Used A Drone To Catch His Cheating Wife Speaks Out: ‘We Had A Big Blowout’

Warning: language NSFW!

Two days ago a YouTube account under the name YOAG uploaded the above video called “Drone used to catch cheating wife,” the sole video in the account. In it, a scorned husband details about how he had suspected his wife of 18 years cheating on him, but both times he tried to catch her in the act he failed. So on the morning in question when his lady said she had to go into work early, this time he got he drone ready to follow her.

And sure enough, just a couple of blocks from the couple’s home, a few minutes into the video the man’s wife was seen getting into a car at a CVS parking lot. The video quickly went insanely viral, picking up over 3.5 million page views and counting in just two days, and now that man — identified as John Consiglio of North Pennsylvania — has spoken to The Daily Mail about his ordeal. Consiglio says that he first suspected his wife of being unfaithful when someone spotted her in a bagel store with another man in the small town they live in. Lies and bagels!

To keep his wife from being suspicious of the drone, Consiglio got the drone out before his wife left for work and made sure to keep it 400 feet in the air and at least 100 feet away from her to prevent her from noticing. As for her reaction to her sudden viral fame, Consiglio admits that his wife was not happy about it.

I had already confronted her a couple of days after I filmed it, and when I tried to confront her about it, she just walked out of the room crying. We had a big blow out. She was upset that I’d aired our dirty laundry, so to speak, but the phone call didn’t last very long. I’ve been ignoring her calls, but I decided to answer this time and she didn’t stop yelling. I could barely get a word in edge-ways, so I hung up, but I will talk to her properly soon because she hasn’t seen the kids in a week or so.

Consiglio has since filed for divorce from his wife, but if any good can come of the situation he says he plans to donate some of the revenue from the YouTube video and use the rest to buy Christmas gifts for the couple’s two children. “You can thank your mom giving some dude a beej behind the CVS for those Hatchimals, kids.”

(Via The Daily Mail)