Check Out This Guy On A Roof Falling For A Ladder Prank Over and Over

The drama that plays out in prank videos is always a joy to watch. It’s a great way to witness the entire spectrum of human emotions.

The setup for this supposedly real clip is simple: A man is on a roof and needs to get down using a short wooden ladder. As he attempts to get off the roof, he turns his body and tries to use his feet to feel for the first rung of the tiny ladder. During the guy’s descent, another man dressed in black (the prankster) moves the ladder just out of reach for the guy’s feet, leaving him dangling. The stuck man climbs back to his perch, while the prankster runs out of view to avoid getting caught (you little scamp!). The dude on the roof looks confused. He tries again to get on the ladder, only to be caught by the same prank. Eventually, though, he gets wise to the situation and catches the prankster in the act. Obviously embarrassed and pissed, the victim of the prank takes off his shoes and chucks them at the other man’s head.

There needs to be an edit to this clip with “Yakety Sax” blaring in the background.

(Via Reddit)