Check Out This ‘Spartan’ On A Horse Calling For President Obama’s Impeachment

Single ladies, you might want to pay close attention to this one. This horse-riding warrior is “Leonidas,” and he claims to be the last of the Spartans. Unlike the heroes of the film 300, this brave soldier isn’t fighting back against the army of Xerxes, as much as he’s protesting the reign of the dictator Barack Obama. In this vague, poorly-filmed video that makes me feel like someone spiked my Fruit Roll-Up with LSD, Leonidas praises the truckers and veterans of Washington DC and claims that “if 300 men can make a difference, so can a millions of Americans.”

Aside from a chance to play us some bitchin’ rock music, I don’t really know what the point of this video is, because brave Leonidas never really tells us why we’re supposed to impeach Obama, but I guess a real warrior should never have to explain himself. Let us all put our stifling helmets back on and ride once more.

(Via FARK)