Chelsea Handler Posed Topless In The Snow While Looking For Her Dog On A Ski Trip

It’s been a month or so since we’ve seen Chelsea Handler’s boobs and it’s a slow news week, so hey, why not? Not taking a break for the holidays, Ms. Handler once again made a vigilant stand against Instagram’s fascist anti-nipple policy on Friday, posting two purportedly topless photos on Instagram which were promptly removed due to a violation of Instagram’s terms of service — both somehow involving her dog.

It looks like the story had a happy ending, though, according to this follow up she later posted on Twitter. You can see the uncensored photo here (NSFW).

At this point, Chelsea Handler’s boobs are pretty much old hat since we’ve seen them like a million times already, but I do appreciate the devotion to her cause that she’d even go topless in the cold and snow. That cause of course being to give more attention to Chelsea Handler. Mission accomplished!