Cher Said Four Years Of Donald Trump Almost Gave Her An Ulcer And She Might Have To Leave If He Comes Back

Is America really going to make president a narcissistic chaos agent with 91 criminal charges against him and who can’t even spell “rumor”? Again? That’s still a year away, but maybe. Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of pals in Hollywood, and he has plenty of enemies. Among the haters is someone who’s a legend of both music and movies, who definitely can’t put up with another four years of the orb guy.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Cher — while promoting her new, non-traditional Christmas album — perhaps inevitably dunked on 45, whom she’s not happy may reclaim power. Back before he was elected, she threatened to ditch America for greener pastures.

“I almost got an ulcer the last time,” Cher protested. “If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country].”

Cher is also steamed at the modern Republican party, which has made the trans community one of their most targeted groups.

“It’s something like 500 bills they’re trying to pass,” Cher fumed. “I was with two trans girls the other night – and of course my own child [Chaz, who is trans]. I was saying ‘We’ve got to stand together.’ I don’t know what their eventual plan is for trans people. I don’t put anything past them.”

Cher isn’t the only one who’s recently zinged Trump. Mark Hamill found himself agreeing with the president he often mocks, at least on his claim that he should go to jail.

(Via The Guardian)