‘Child Of Light’ Gets Co-op And Another Achingly Gorgeous New Trailer

So, what’s my most anticipated game of the first half of 2014? Is it Titanfall? Mario Kart 8? Watch Dogs? Nope, nope and nope, it’s Child of Light, the beautiful new 2D RPG being made by a small team of guys who formerly worked on Far Cry 3. And now, news that makes me want it even more — the game has same couch co-op!

The co-op is a bit limited, with one player controlling a fairy who can help out the main character in various ways, but still, it might just be enough to get your girlfriend playing a turn-based RPG (typically the most solitary of genres) with you. You can check out the Child of Light co-op trailer below…

Child of Light comes out on pretty much everything April 30th. Until then, I’m just going to keep rewatching this trailer…so pretty.

via Kotaku