Children’s Book Illustrations Of Community Couplings Are Fun, Awkward

While I appreciate film and television fan art (especially sitcom fan art) as much probably more than the next guy — especially if the next guy is my dad — I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with Juju Julieta’s children’s book-style illustrations of the study group’s potential couplings. They’re well done, without a doubt, I’m just not sure the world has been wondering what a potential Jeff-Abed hookup might look like illustrated. Or maybe they have and I’m the close-minded one with my head stuck in girl-on-girl GQ photoshoots. Luckily for me there’s an Annie-Brita pillow fight to restore balance. And luckily for all of us she excluded Pierce altogether since only about 2% of the population clicks on those grandpa fetish banner ads.

All of Julieta’s illustrations after the jump. If anyone comments that there’s something not kosher about watching DVDs by lava lamp with another dude in his underwear I’m prepared to convince that person otherwise.

Source: Twitpic Via: NY Mag