Chinese Boy Runs Away From Home, Lives In IKEA For Nearly A Week

500 Days of Summer made IKEA look like a cutesy setting for a date, but let’s be honest here: At one time or another, we’ve all seriously wondered whether it’s possible to just, like, legitimately LIVE in the mammoth utopian store. (Nearly all my furniture’s from there, so the idea’s popped up more times than I’m willing to admit.)

One Chinese boy named Peng Yijian actually tried it out at a Shanghai IKEA after running away from home earlier this month. He survived, and went undetected, in the store for nearly a freaking week:

Peng Yijian, who is just 12 years old, went on the run in Shanghai Nov. 3 after getting into trouble with his mom for not doing his math homework. He spent a week traipsing the streets and living off free food samples handed out by the city’s supermarkets, reports Shanghai Daily.

It’s unclear exactly where he slept at night, but some reports have speculated he slept on one of the Swedish furniture retailer’s show beds.

The Longyuan Middle School student was finally caught Sunday afternoon. Police spotted him on surveillance camera at Shanghai South Railway Station the previous day.

Via NY Daily News