Watch This Chipmunk’s Unexpected Reaction At Getting Caught Raiding The Bird Feeder

I don’t get why people get so upset about squirrels and other rodents raiding their bird feeders. For one thing, birds are gross. They poop all over everything and fly into windows. Why do we as humans prioritize one species’ nutrition over another?

Anyway, the guy filming the video above writes in the YouTube description that he finally caught the chipmunk, red-handed — or red-pawed, if you will — that had been raiding his bird feeder for weeks. What does he do? Yell and wave his arms? Throw a rock? Try to scare off this sneaky little Chip or Dale?

No. Bro calmly walks up to the chipmunk with the camera — mouth stuffed to the gills with birdseed — as if to say, “Explain yourself, chipmunk.” The chipmunk was obviously at a literal loss for words, and its reaction was unexpected yet perfectly fitting. Birdseed? What birdseed?

Now where have we seen this before…