Chris Carter Delivers The End Of The World With ‘The After’

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08.27.13 10 Comments

We haven’t seen much from Chris Carter that wasn’t X-Files-related since that show wrapped up. The X-Files: I Want To Believe was a drama pretending to be an X-Files episode, and a film called Fencewalker and a police procedural went nowhere. But Amazon apparently wants to see him destroy the world with The After: It just announced it’s producing a pilot.

Amazon, if you’re unfamiliar, has been fairly aggressively following Netflix’s lead with developing and releasing original series. They’ve been focusing on kid’s pilots and sitcoms, but they’re also trying to get the drama audience. Apparently Carter will be a part of that.

As for what it’s about, basically the plot summary is “It takes place at the moment of apocalypse.” We’re guessing this is low-budget TV apocalypse, not movie explosion apocalypse, so probably it’s a virus or something. Besides, Carter really likes viruses; we all remember that creepy-ass black oil that possessed people.

Honestly, though, it’s good to see Carter get back in the game. While he has been discussing a third X-Files movie, he wants to make it all about the alien stuff we all skipped to get to the episodes with Flukey and the midget chewing Mulder out for assuming he was a circus sideshow. And honestly, Carter’s other series, even if they did struggle, were at least interesting concepts: Millenium in particular never really got a fair shake. So hopefully this goes to series, and we can see Carter bring the world to an end.

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