An Angry Chris Christie Got Into A Baseball Fan’s Face After Being Heckled In Milwaukee

07.30.17 8 months ago 15 Comments

Chris Christie’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2017 keeps bringing on the hits! Things have not exactly gone swimmingly for the Garden State governor this year and even a trip to the ballpark can be an exercise in supreme frustration.

This afternoon’s Brewers game where Milwaukee hosted the Cubs also featured Christie in attendance. In a bit of fan-captured footage, Christie was captured getting in the face of a man decked out in Cubs apparel. It’s not exactly clear what the exact issue is going off the footage (even the Cubs fan seems confused), but a WISN 12 reporter shared that Christie was getting razzed by fans at Miller Park and wound up getting up in the personal space of one his detractors. Christie mockingly called the fan a “big shot” which really ticks that New Jersey stereotype box just right. As Christie walks off, the bases are being rounded for a Cubs home run with a very midwestern brand of applause greeting the matinee dong. No word at this moment on how Christie found the nachos.


No matter the context, the optics of getting in the face of a civilian at a Brewers game do Christie zero favors. If there’s a silver lining for the beleaguered governor, it’s gotta be that this confrontation was not even the worst sports-related experience he’s had this month.

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