People Didn’t Realize Chris Evans Has Chest Tattoos And They’re Freaking Out

Chris Evans has a habit of accidentally sharing private things on the internet, but this is a relatively mild case: As per People, the erstwhile Captain America sat down for a virtual interview with ACE Universe, and he evidently thought it was no big deal to do it while a white tank under a Hawaiian shirt. But lots of other people thought it was a big deal: The internet was quick to point to some giant chest tattoos peeking out over the tank’s top.

Was it common knowledge that Steve Rogers’s chest was covered in tats? Apparently not. Are they new or newish? Not clear. Perhaps he used the end of his Marvel run as an excuse to try something new, like cover himself in tattoos like his former colleague Scarlett Johansson. Maybe he got bored during COVID and learned how to self-tattoo. But it’s clear this was news to some.

Soon other pictures of Evans’ tat-ripped body started appearing on social media, too.

In any case, people either fell or re-fell madly in love at the development that Chris Evans has a fair amount of tattoos he usually keeps hidden under shirts — or in comfy Knives Out sweaters.

Though some were distracted by his tight clothes.

Anyway, the big takeaway here is that people find Chris Evans attractive.

(Via People)