Chris Evans’ Brother Surfaces With A Joke In The Aftermath Of That Accidentally Posted Private Photo

By now, you’re most certainly aware of how Chris Evans’ weekend went. He accidentally posted a very private photo (and a puzzlingly-included meme including his face) onto Instagram. Who knows if that image was actually of Chris Evans, and the photo swiftly disappeared. Yet the damage was done, and the Internet was “Oh Captain, my Captain”-ing all over the place. This has gone on for a few days and will eventually pass, but oh boy, you gotta feel for Chris Evans in the aftermath.

Fellow Avengers star Mark Ruffalo attempted to make his friend feel better about the mishap with a “silver lining” tweet, which may have made things more awkward. He really was attempting to give an assist, but as TV writer and podcaster Ira Madison III pointed out, Ruffalo certainly could have texted Evans rather than publicly publish the sentiment. And he even tagged Evans, which was double-awkward. In contrast, Chris’ younger brother, Scott, emerged on Sunday with a more subtle reaction.

“Was off social media for the day yesterday,” Scott wrote, fully knowing what he was doing. “So. What’d I miss?”

Simple and effective. And as one Twitter user put it in a response, this might be “the MOST ‘little brother’ tweet of all time.”