Meet The Army Vet Who Was Shot Five Times While Protecting Others From The Oregon Shooter

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day for Chris Mintz. It was his son’s sixth birthday, and Mintz’s first week of classes at Umpqua Community College after 10 years in the Army. Instead, it ended in tragedy when a gunman began open firing on campus, killing 10. It was nearly 11, but Mintz survived, despite being shot five times while protecting other students.

Mintz’s aunt Wanda told Q13 Fox that the 30-year-old, who’s originally from North Carolina and is also an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, tried to block the door from the gunman. He was shot three times, and fell to the ground. While lying wounded, Mintz repeatedly said, “It’s my son’s birthday.”

He was shot twice more. His cousin provided an update on Facebook:

Today, my cousin Chris Mintz stood in front of the shooter in Oregon and took five shots on his sons birthday. I’m being told no vital organs were hit, and he should be okay. Get well soon, brother. I’m here if you need anything! ‪#‎beastmode‬ (Via)

Mintz has two broken legs and will need to re-learn to walk once he recovers, but it could have been much worse. Sometimes, even heroes need heroes.

The other students present in those horrific moments included a woman who is a nurse. She began administering CPR in a desperate attempt to save one of the mortally wounded. She then held Mintz’s hand and prayed with him while he said again and again that it was his son’s birthday. (Via)

Last night, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin gave a press conference where he said, “I will not give [the killer] the credit he probably sought. You will never hear me use his name.” Use the names of the people who helped stop him.

People like Chris Mintz.

(Via Q13 Fox and the Daily Beast)