Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Delivered The Perfect Knockout To Piers Morgan

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There are few people in the world so universally reviled as British television personality Piers Morgan. Although he’s remained largely off our screens since he was unceremoniously canned by CNN two years ago, the accomplished troll just won’t go away, resurfacing now and then to remind everyone what a sexist, racist piece of crap he is.

Case in point, over the weekend, Morgan caused a stir on Twitter for his poorly timed remarks about the legacy of Muhammad Ali, just after the news of the famed boxer’s death. As Morgan sat back and reveled in all the vitriol hurled his way one might savor a fine glass of wine, he followed up with a tweet to further antagonize the masses.

Although the general rule when it comes to trolls is not feeding them, none other than John Legend decided to take the bait. While Legend’s retort was succinct enough on its own, soon after wife Chrissy Teigen, notorious taker of no crap, jumped into the fray, and then all bets were off.

Morgan attempted to defend himself, but he was no match for the sharp-witted Teigen.

And then Teigen delivered the final, finishing blow:

The townspeople rejoiced and all was good in the world.