Christina Hendricks Is Johnnie Walker’s New Internet Sales Rep

My head isn’t completely around how this new Johnnie Walker marketing campaign works, but I’m convinced it’s brilliant. Step 1: Recruit one of the most popular and well endowed female celebrities on the web (who also happens to know her Scotch). Step 2: Attend her holiday party. Step 3: Take photos of her with your product. Step 4: ? Step 5: Profit.
Actually Step 4 is something like, “Watch photos go effortlessly viral because the internet loves Christina Hendricks.” Times like these are when I appreciate my journalistic integrity most, seeing as how I’m only posting these photos because — as everyone everywhere is aware — the UPROXX community is notorious in their love for both Mad Men and good Scotch. The first of which is returning in March, the second of which should be returning every evening and exponentially during the holidays.
So I guess the moral of the story is: Well played, Johnnie Walker and Christina Hendricks. This is how you do product placement and endorsement. Ms. Hendricks, you’re officially the least official/most effective spokesperson on the internet.