Far Too Many People Have Been Tweeting About Their 'Hot Cousin' During The Holidays

Either there are a lot of Arrested Development fans living in Shelbyville out there, or Twitter is full of people who only wanted to see their hot cousin naked for Christmas. Gawker and The Awl contributor Jeb Lund, a.k.a. @Mobute on Twitter, spent much of yesterday finding tweets containing the words “hot” and “cousin,” and RT’ing them for our pleasure, though not as much pleasure as my cousin…never mind. He discovered two things: 1) nothing brings cousins closer than “hot dogs,” and 2) “You know that awkward moment when YOUR COUSIN GETS SUPER F*CKING HOT” is a real thing that a real person wrote on the real Internet. Really.

Today, we are all Slut Muffin.

(@Mobute via BroBible)