America’s Creepy Clown Epidemic Has Been Blamed For The Closure Of Several Ohio Schools

As far as trends go, we didn’t really peg 2016 to be the year of the creepy-ass clown. You sure showed us, America’s weirdos! The unlikely epidemic of sinister looking clowns has now reached the point where schools are being shut down over them.

WCPO reports that several Ohio schools were closed today over a threat of a clown attack. The decision to close the schools was prompted by an incident involving a woman that claims a man dressed in a striped outfit, a red wig and a white clown mask grabbed her by the throat while out on the porch at four in the morning. According to the victim, the clown said “I should just kill you now” and that “some students and teachers would wish they were never born at the junior and senior high school today.'” That threat was enough for Superintendent Chuck LaFata to cancel school in Reading for Friday.

Reading Community Schools won’t be canceling everything, mind you. Homecoming and football related events are still apparently a go with additional security being supplied in light of this clown concern.

One can’t help but wonder if there’s an expiration date for this fad. Our money’s on the moment enough people get a sassy “here’s the real creepy clown” political email forward from their grandpa. That might be the only thing that slays this beast.

(Via WCPO)