There’s An Adorably Terrifying Cobra Hiding In This Guy’s Shoe

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Today in “absolutely freaking not, NO” news, a man found a small cobra curled up in his shoe when he went to get dressed. If you have the wherewithal, and nobody would blame you if you don’t, watch the video above to see people poking this tiny snake gently with a stick to get it out of the toe area of the shoe. At first, everything seems to be kosher until finally the stick hits something and you see the cobra start to move. Not okay. It is coiled up so tightly that you can’t see it sitting in there just by glancing, which means there is more than a little bit of a chance that someone could have put the pair on without even realizing they were about to get warm and cozy with a reptile.

Besides obvious questions like “why is there a snake in somebody’s shoe?” and “no, seriously WHY is there a snake in somebody’s shoe?” there is also the question of whether this snake is lethal or dangerous in any way. The answer to that query is yes, this snake is incredibly dangerous and can kill without thinking twice about it. Which makes the closeness of the camera to the shoe even more unsettling. In all likelihood, the animal is hiding from the rainy season currently underway in Southeast Asia. Even though this is just a circle of life thing, animals have every right to find shelter after all, that doesn’t make it any less horrifying. It looks like it is time to invest in some snake repellant and a pair of sandals for every day of the week.

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