Here’s A Collection Of Extremely Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Foolish People Are Falling For

Back in August, we put together a post of 12 clearly fake photos that had gone viral at some point. I’ll never forget you, bad ass helicopter shark. The peg for that article was Hurricane Isaac, which was mere child’s play compared to what Hurricane Sandy has already done and will likely do to the east coast.

A new batch of Photoshopped and/or old photos of unrelated events are being passed around on Facebook and Twitter now for Frankenstorm, so as a public service announcement, we’ve put together a collection of pictures that could be for real real, unlike these, but are most definitely for play play.




This is a real photo, but it was taken in September, not during Sandy. (Via)

OK. That one’s genuine… (Via)

…And this one’s just annoying, as are all #preparednesskit photos. WE GET IT. YOU’RE A DRUNK. (Via)